Sunday, August 1, 2010

Day 86

Joe is completely obsessed with Top Chef. Lately he has been buying all the DVD's of past seasons (which makes me wonder what I can get him for Christmas). I refuse to admit this to him but I have been enjoying the show - except for 1 element. Padma. I guess she is considered the "host" of the show. Although I just find her to be a pretty face. What, may I ask, are her qualifications to judge food at such a high level? Now according to her Bravo Bio - she "established herself as a food expert early on in her career, having hosted two successful cooking shows and writing a best-selling cookbook Easy Exotic, for which she won the International Versailles Event for best cookbook by a first time writer. " But that certainly does not put her in the same level as head judge Tom Colicchio and some of the other guests judges they bring on.

I just can not stand the way she constantly introduces the judges to the contestants (as if it's their first time meeting Tom or Gail). And her comments seem to be so snide! Let's not forget her monotone voice. If they got rid of her and made Gail the host or someone with a little more food experience then I could proudly admit that I'm a Top Chef fan. But for now - it's my little secret :).

Now moving onto happier subjects - I'm working on making my photographs into notecards to add to my Etsy shop! Those should be a lovely addition and will make for a nice giveaway! I am also interested in buying a new camera so if you have any suggestions please send them my way! The picture at the top of the page is one I plan to make into a notecard.

All this simple chatter is hiding what I'm trying to avoid. Tomorrow is another Monday - which brings my little family one day closer to finding out whether or not Joe will be laid off. It sucks because (knowing our luck) we probably won't find out for another 2 weeks which is going to drive me absolutely nuts! So (if anybody is reading this blog) talk to whatever higher power you believe in and ask for a little luck to be sent our way (or if you prefer for us to win the lottery those prayers are welcome as well!)

Happy August!

PS - the dish at the top is an original produced by Mr. Joe Morgan

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