Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Well friends...I'm officially back to work.  Yesterday was my first day and thankfully it was much better than I expected (plus we are still on summer hours).
It was such an adjustment when I first went out on maternity leave and now it's an adjustment going back!  Thankfully not that many people are around which makes it easier.  And it's always busy at the end of the year getting ready for September. 
But now I completely understand the need for coffee, exercise, sleep and sleep deprivation that a lot of work outside the home parents feel!  I get up, get ready, have a bit of coffee, wait for my mom to come over to watch her, take the pup out and eat breakfast make more coffee and then out the door I go.  Hopefully little E will be up by the time I leave but this morning she wasn't.  I haven't decided if it's harder for me to leave before she's awake or after.  And then after work I'm just exhausted which will probably lead to the need to get coffee on my way home from work!  Plus I'm still getting used to the new routine.  My mom is watching E this week, my sister-in-law for the next month until Joe is laid off and then Joe for the next 2 years (or until he gets a job or however long unemployment lasts!).
And that's what's been happening for the past few days.
So wish me luck! 

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  1. Is this your first baby? It is really hard going back to work after having a baby. Your heart wants to be there with her. Good luck...but I think you will enjoy the adult time as well. At least that is what they say

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