Friday, August 6, 2010

Week in Review!

Topic One: Gisele Bundchen's Breastfeeding Law.  In Harpers Bazaare magazine Gisele stated that she believes there should be a law enforcing women to breastfeed their children for at least 6 months.  She is quoted as saying: "‘Are you going to give chemical food to your child, when they are so little?’ There should be a worldwide law, in my opinion, that mothers should breastfeed their babies for six months.”
As a mom who chose to bottle-feed my little E I'm disgusted by her comments.  Breastfeeding is an extremely personal choice and can not and should not be regulated by a bunch of people who are not involved in your everyday life.  Breastfeeding is a wonderful opportunity for some moms and for other moms it doesn't fit their lifestyle or it did not work out for them for many different reasons.  Breastfeeding is not something that comes natural to every mom and every child.  Often times children who are born prematurely need to be bottle fed because their mother's milk has not come it yet, or the child is allergic to the breast milk.  Maternity leave in this country is practically non-existent compared to other countries and many places of work do not accommodate new mothers the time they need to pump.  As moms, instead of criticizing each other (because enough of that goes on) why not support one another in whatever decision we make.  And as Joy Behar asked, how will the law be enforced?  Confiscating women's nipples?
Topic Two: Proposition 8 was overturned this week in California.  Proposition 8 (a voter approved ballot)  is a law that banned same-sex marriage in California however this week a judge overturned the law allowing same-sex marriage.  Now I know this is a hot topic for many people but I don't understand why.  Why shouldn't people be allowed to marry whomever they love? 
Topic Three: The New York State Budget was finally finalized - 125 days late.  The biggest changes for New York residents comes with a tax on clothing.  All clothes under $110 will be taxed - making it difficult for many families during this back-to-school time.  Senator Dean G. Skelos stated that New Yorkers will get higher spending, more taxes and no new jobs.  This directly affects my family as it was finalized that Joe will in fact be getting laid off in September.  I find it incredibly interesting that the people in Albany could not come up with a budget on time.  If I continually showed up late to work and decided to hand in my projects late I would be fired.  But the people in Albany still have their jobs and large salaries and all the comforts that only politics can buy.  We vote these men and women into office - we give them their jobs but all they can do for us  is raise taxes and cut jobs.
Topic Four: Well maybe we should have gone to the hospital...Remember my post a few days ago about Joe's finger?  Well he has a nice cut and if the knife had gone all the way through he would have been missing the tip of his thumb (poor little fellow).  Now every time he bangs the bloody thing (no pun intended) it starts to bleed again.  OI VEY!  So be careful out there - watch your fingers!
And that's the round-up folks!

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  1. I'm SO with you on the breastfeeding thing. Couldn't do it with my twins, worked like a charm with my singleton three years later. It's a mom-child thing, not a law-driven thing. Well said.

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