Saturday, August 14, 2010

Week in Review!

Topic One: Steve Slater seems to be the working man's hero this week.  When the story first emerged it seemed that Steve had told a passenger to remain seated while the plane taxied, the passenger refused and his/her luggage hit Slater in the head.  The passenger then had some choice words for Slater.  Which in turn made Slater flip out - grab two beers and shoot down the emergency ramp.  However now other passengers are coming out saying that he was in a bad mood from the start.  Anybody who has ever worked in a service related industry can relate to his "flip out".  People in any kind of service job are there to serve the people, but at what cost?  At what point should the employee stand back and say you can not treat me that way?  And when should the boss step in?  I can remember when working in a law school admissions office a prospective student called to get the status of his application and after my co-worked had helped him to the best of her ability he proceeded to call her BITCH and asked to speak with her superior.   She told our boss what happened he took the phone call and reamed out this prospective student.  However, I can also understand the "people's" frustration.  Like when you call Time Warner to discuss their charges and you have to speak to several representatives before getting a straight answer - it can fray a person's nerves!  Maybe we just need to relearn our manners!

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Topic Two: This week was the premier of the HBO series Hard Knocks - NY Jets Training Camp!  For my family this marks the beginning of fall and the new football season.  I can safely say that our daughter will be a proud member of the New York Jets fan base.  Last season the Jets, with new coach Rex Ryan and new quarterback Mark Sanchez, were one game away from the superbowl.  The Jets haven't visited the superbowl in 41 years and last season brought Jets fans the closest they have been in awhile.  In the off season the franchise has brought on many new players, including LaDainian Tomlinson former player for the Chargers.  The series shows what it's like to be a hopeful rookie trying to get on the team fulfilling a lifelong dream and what its like to be a veteran player like Chris Jenkins who was injured early last season.  With all the changes the Jets made during the off season and after coming off such a high from last year, this gives Jets fans a lot of hope for the coming year!

Topic Three:  SPOILER ALERT - Don't read if you haven't seen today's episode!  Brenda Barrett returns to General Hospital after 7 LONG years!  I know there are many different fan bases out there - some prefer the Brenda/Jax saga but me I'm a Brenda/Sonny fan all the way!  I don't know what it is, aside from their sex appeal (I happen to think Sonny Corinthos is just delicious), their dramatic storyline or the way they are completely drawn to one another but I'm hooked.  All week I've been watching GH waiting for the Sonny Brenda reunion!  Daytime TV really knows how to string you along.  Because the reunion is yet to happen!  All the pieces are in play for a Brenda-Sonny hook-up.  I mean Sonny is single!!!  Although at the very end of today's episode Brenda's new man just proposed and of course the show ends on that note without her answer!  I've waited years for Brenda & Sonny to reunite and now this obstacle!  What the hell man!?

So there ya have it folks!  The week in a review - a little fluff but don't we all need a little fluff? 
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