Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 85

Well I left my house fully dressed today! That's an accomplishment :)
Today I bought a MAC computer - my first! I previously have had Dells and they always crap out on me somehow. Maybe it's me - maybe it's them but the MAC seems really cool.
I mean it has a built in camera - hence the picture where Erin and I look super shiny (we Irish folk really do shine!)
Today was a big deal for Erin. We usually feed her 4 oz - but we have decided to move her up to 4 1/2 oz! I know big steps for such a little girl (haha).
Aside from the MAC today has been pretty uneventful.
Well actually Chelsea Clinton got married so congrats to her! With all the news coverage I feel like it's an American Princess wedding.
I took some more photos around town. We walked through Central Park to Michael's craft store today so I could get mats for my pictures and try to sell my photographs on Etsy.
Joe is considering going to cooking school if he gets laid off. I know it will be a big expense but he is very talented and I think it would be wonderful for him.
And that's about it.
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Friday, July 30, 2010

Day 84

Here's a new mom moment. I finished feeding Erin and she was in a good mood so I decided we should go for a walk. I found an outfit for her and myself rather quickly. And I looked decent for getting ready so quickly. I strapped her into the stroller and off we went. While I'm standing in the elevator I look down at my shirt - I notice that the button isn't there and I get pissed off because it's one of my favorite shirts! I continue to inspect ruined shirt to see that the other button is missing - only to find out that I had put my shirt on inside out! I burst out laughing in the elevator (thankfully nobody was there)! I went back upstairs and fixed the situation.

So here's a gripe. I don't understand why everyone in Hollywood feels the need to adopt children from other countries. I think adopting a child is a wonderful act. But why does one have to go to another country for a child when we have plenty of children in this country. I was watching The View today and Alec Mapa was co-hosting. He and his husband adopted an African American child from somewhere in L.A. FINALLY! a celebrity who went outside their neighborhood and maybe a few towns over to adopt a child. I think adoption regardless of where the child comes from is wonderful because hopefully they will be getting a fabulous life with their new family. But the trend in Hollywood is to adopt from other countries and I just don't get it. I guess what bothers me is not that they are adopting from other countries but that these celebrities seem to do it because it's the "new trend". There are thousands of children in this country that need a good home. And there is my political commentary.

Lesson learned today - make sure i have my clothes on properly before leaving the house :)

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I changed the name to ELM Photography

Talk to you tomorrow!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 83

So tonight on "Bethenny Getting Married?" her and Jason come home from the hospital with their daughter? So yeah my birth story involves miss Bethenny Frankel! As so many of my friends know I'm a huge fan of Bravo TV's Real Housewives series. All of them! Well maybe not so much Atlanta but from the OC on down to Jersey I'm a huge fan - and i'm very excited for the DC Housewives to premier next Thursday. So Joe took me to the hospital on Friday, May 7th. Before they admit you to a room you have to sit in these rather uncomfortable chairs and wait for them to get you a room. While I'm sitting there surrounded by other preggos (none of whom look like they are in pain) and man comes out of a labor and delivery room. He heads over to the fridge to get his wife some ice pops. And I'm looking at this man, and I'm saying to myself - I know him from somewhere where the hell is he from? HOLY SH%T Balls! That's Bethenny's husband! Holy cow you mean I'm sitting right outside of Bethenny's room while she is in labor?! I'm sitting on this uncomfortable chair, grabbing the arm rests and trying to breathe through a contraction, and I'm whispering to Joe (who looks very nervous) do you know who that was?! He's completely blank. Probably thinking my wife is the only who while in labor is still a stalker. "That was Bethenny's husband!" I say to him and he's clearly not nearly as excited as I am!
After I give birth - and I'm sitting in the recovery room my mom and Joe come in and tell me that they got to see Bethenny! Well great for them but I'm the fan! I actually watched Martha Stewart Apprentice and rooted for her! OI VEY will I ever get my chance?
It's my last day in the hospital and we have to go to a discharge class. It was all quite interesting especially the nurse giving the class because she seemed to have dry skin around her nose but anyway...So as Joe and I are leaving the class - I hobble out of the room (due to the c-section) and smile at the woman waiting for the breast feeding class. AND LOW AND BEHOLD IT'S BETHENNY! FINALLY I'm seeing her - and if I hadn't been walking so slow I would have missed her because she is TINY!
And that is my very own personal Bethenny story. OH and I saw Andy Cohen!
Today - Joe and I decided to spontaneously go out to dinner. I've learned that kids - well they will be little angels one minute and screaming lunatics the next. While we are walking up the block to the restaurant Erin is perfectly calm in her stroller. As soon as we sit down - well she starts crying. Joe took over the first 14/ of dinner and me the rest. I had to take her out of the stroller - hold her - only on the left side - while I ate.
It was a lovely dinner - i got most of it to take home. But at one point I couldn't help but stare at her big toe! For such a little cutie she's got a big toe! It's adorable.
Lesson learned - kids keep you on your toes.
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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 82

So Erin is now 82 days old. Everybody always says that women are natural multi-taskers. I have always agreed with that - especially now. I sit here with Erin in my arms-clearly she prefers my left arm because when I put her in my right arm she flipped out. I guess my left side is my best side!
So as I said I want to pursue my hobbies. I need to an outlet for myself. And I don't mean an outlet that allows me to be angry, happy, sad (etc.) that's what my diary is for (yes I'm like a 14 year old girl from 1960 - I still have a diary). Just a creative outlet! My family is going through a transition phase. We just had a baby and she has only improved our lives by a million pieces of little giggles & smiles. But financially our world has been turned around. My maternity leave has been unpaid - so when Joe (Joe's the fab hubby) and I decided to think about having a baby I started to put money aside. Then about 7 months into my pregnancy we learned that Joe might get laid off. So we have a new baby - we planned for my lack of income and then find out that Joe may get laid off. But the fabulous part is that they have been postponing this whole lay off thing. Of course every day he is employed is great - the longer the better because Erin is under his health insurance. But at the same time I just wish they would make a decision. I mean people do have to live their lives and plan their lives. And I love how all the big wigs get to keep their jobs but the "little people" so to speak are always the ones affected.
I have only told a few friends of mine. I'm one of those people that tends to keep things to myself and then secretly broods when good luck happens to people around me. And that's the way I've been feeling lately. So photography - that's my outlet. Everyday I walk to and from work (through Central Park) and I take pictures. And I've discovered I'm not that bad at it. I took a photography course or two in high school and always loved it but that has been the extent of my "formal" photography lessons. Plus I never thought I was the creative type - always thought that was reserved for other people. But now I'm getting over all of that. I've started my own Etsy shop! I'm quite pleased and already have 3 pieces up (but no sales - well it's only the 1st day).
It's actually quite exciting. I love imagining the day when I have a personalized stamp with ELM Inspirations on it and I can stamp the envelope! So what do I plan to do with this shop?? Well I shall be selling photographs taken by ME! And eventually I would like to sell cards, holiday cards, note cards. I have some wonderful snow photos. So here is the link to my shop:

I'm very proud of it - you should visit it and spend your money! Keep the economy going! The picture at the top is one available in MY shop. It is Citi Field - also know as Shea.

So day 82. Pretty positive. Erin may be a bit "backed-up" if you get my drift. I feel productive!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 81

Day 81. My daughter is 81 days old. Some of those days have gone by incredibly fast, others a little slower. But overall I've loved it. I always knew I wanted to be a mother but when they say nothing can prepare you it's completely true. I went into the hospital on May 7th, all excited thinking I was having amazing contractions only to find that my contractions were tiny and my body wasn't responding. The next day, thanks to my incredibly wonderful doctor, and my fabulously supportive husband, I had a c-section. And out came my daughter screaming her head off.
I knew that when I was pregnant I didn't want to find out what the baby was. My hubby, Joe, disagreed (but he let me win that battle). It was tough for 9 months not knowing what I was going to have. In the beginning we both wanted a boy but when it came down to it we knew we didn't care what what the baby was as long as he/she was happy & healthy.
I was very nervous to have a girl - you know those mother/daughter relationships can be very tense! But Joe told me I have the choice to make the relationship how I want it to be. So I'm working very hard to have fun with her (I guess you can only have fun with a baby who is only 81 days old).
As soon as they pulled Erin from my belly and my doctor said it's a girl with blond hair I cried! I was so incredibly happy to hear her screams and excited to have a little girl.
So here I am 81 days into it. And so far it's been great. In the beginning I was so excited to have 3 months off of work and it has been amazing. But I wasn't prepared for the transition from going to work everyday to taking care of someone who relied on me for everything. Everyone asked me how are you enjoying it? What am I supposed to say? I hate it? No I love it! I love spending time with her. Getting to know her, discovering what her cries mean. It's always a wonderful accomplishment figuring out why she is crying and getting her to stop. But in the beginning it was a little lonely. None of my friends have husbands or babies. I'm the first of "my kind". Plus I was somewhat nervous to take her places because everyone warns you of GERMS! And you definitely don't want to get an infant sick.
But now I'm 81 days into it and I face going back to work. I'm excited to go back to work because of the people I work with. But I know it's going to be so hard to leave her. Right now she is smiling and almost laughing! Sometimes when I'm changing her diaper and she is smiling up at me tears prickle my eyes because I know I won't be here to share this moment with her at 2:00 on a Wednesday.
What has my daughter taught me 81 days into it?
1) To laugh. Always laugh - even when she is SCREAMING her head off in the middle of the night.
2) I can do a lot of things with 1 arm/hand/finger
3) To pursue my hobbies so she can pursue her dreams
4) That I can get out of the house with all of her items and still look decent!
5) I can change her diaper in any bathroom - no matter how messy
6) That I am truly grateful for my husband who makes me laugh

So there you go - that's what I have learned in 81 days!