Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 85

Well I left my house fully dressed today! That's an accomplishment :)
Today I bought a MAC computer - my first! I previously have had Dells and they always crap out on me somehow. Maybe it's me - maybe it's them but the MAC seems really cool.
I mean it has a built in camera - hence the picture where Erin and I look super shiny (we Irish folk really do shine!)
Today was a big deal for Erin. We usually feed her 4 oz - but we have decided to move her up to 4 1/2 oz! I know big steps for such a little girl (haha).
Aside from the MAC today has been pretty uneventful.
Well actually Chelsea Clinton got married so congrats to her! With all the news coverage I feel like it's an American Princess wedding.
I took some more photos around town. We walked through Central Park to Michael's craft store today so I could get mats for my pictures and try to sell my photographs on Etsy.
Joe is considering going to cooking school if he gets laid off. I know it will be a big expense but he is very talented and I think it would be wonderful for him.
And that's about it.
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