Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 82

So Erin is now 82 days old. Everybody always says that women are natural multi-taskers. I have always agreed with that - especially now. I sit here with Erin in my arms-clearly she prefers my left arm because when I put her in my right arm she flipped out. I guess my left side is my best side!
So as I said I want to pursue my hobbies. I need to an outlet for myself. And I don't mean an outlet that allows me to be angry, happy, sad (etc.) that's what my diary is for (yes I'm like a 14 year old girl from 1960 - I still have a diary). Just a creative outlet! My family is going through a transition phase. We just had a baby and she has only improved our lives by a million pieces of little giggles & smiles. But financially our world has been turned around. My maternity leave has been unpaid - so when Joe (Joe's the fab hubby) and I decided to think about having a baby I started to put money aside. Then about 7 months into my pregnancy we learned that Joe might get laid off. So we have a new baby - we planned for my lack of income and then find out that Joe may get laid off. But the fabulous part is that they have been postponing this whole lay off thing. Of course every day he is employed is great - the longer the better because Erin is under his health insurance. But at the same time I just wish they would make a decision. I mean people do have to live their lives and plan their lives. And I love how all the big wigs get to keep their jobs but the "little people" so to speak are always the ones affected.
I have only told a few friends of mine. I'm one of those people that tends to keep things to myself and then secretly broods when good luck happens to people around me. And that's the way I've been feeling lately. So photography - that's my outlet. Everyday I walk to and from work (through Central Park) and I take pictures. And I've discovered I'm not that bad at it. I took a photography course or two in high school and always loved it but that has been the extent of my "formal" photography lessons. Plus I never thought I was the creative type - always thought that was reserved for other people. But now I'm getting over all of that. I've started my own Etsy shop! I'm quite pleased and already have 3 pieces up (but no sales - well it's only the 1st day).
It's actually quite exciting. I love imagining the day when I have a personalized stamp with ELM Inspirations on it and I can stamp the envelope! So what do I plan to do with this shop?? Well I shall be selling photographs taken by ME! And eventually I would like to sell cards, holiday cards, note cards. I have some wonderful snow photos. So here is the link to my shop:

I'm very proud of it - you should visit it and spend your money! Keep the economy going! The picture at the top is one available in MY shop. It is Citi Field - also know as Shea.

So day 82. Pretty positive. Erin may be a bit "backed-up" if you get my drift. I feel productive!

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