Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 83

So tonight on "Bethenny Getting Married?" her and Jason come home from the hospital with their daughter? So yeah my birth story involves miss Bethenny Frankel! As so many of my friends know I'm a huge fan of Bravo TV's Real Housewives series. All of them! Well maybe not so much Atlanta but from the OC on down to Jersey I'm a huge fan - and i'm very excited for the DC Housewives to premier next Thursday. So Joe took me to the hospital on Friday, May 7th. Before they admit you to a room you have to sit in these rather uncomfortable chairs and wait for them to get you a room. While I'm sitting there surrounded by other preggos (none of whom look like they are in pain) and man comes out of a labor and delivery room. He heads over to the fridge to get his wife some ice pops. And I'm looking at this man, and I'm saying to myself - I know him from somewhere where the hell is he from? HOLY SH%T Balls! That's Bethenny's husband! Holy cow you mean I'm sitting right outside of Bethenny's room while she is in labor?! I'm sitting on this uncomfortable chair, grabbing the arm rests and trying to breathe through a contraction, and I'm whispering to Joe (who looks very nervous) do you know who that was?! He's completely blank. Probably thinking my wife is the only who while in labor is still a stalker. "That was Bethenny's husband!" I say to him and he's clearly not nearly as excited as I am!
After I give birth - and I'm sitting in the recovery room my mom and Joe come in and tell me that they got to see Bethenny! Well great for them but I'm the fan! I actually watched Martha Stewart Apprentice and rooted for her! OI VEY will I ever get my chance?
It's my last day in the hospital and we have to go to a discharge class. It was all quite interesting especially the nurse giving the class because she seemed to have dry skin around her nose but anyway...So as Joe and I are leaving the class - I hobble out of the room (due to the c-section) and smile at the woman waiting for the breast feeding class. AND LOW AND BEHOLD IT'S BETHENNY! FINALLY I'm seeing her - and if I hadn't been walking so slow I would have missed her because she is TINY!
And that is my very own personal Bethenny story. OH and I saw Andy Cohen!
Today - Joe and I decided to spontaneously go out to dinner. I've learned that kids - well they will be little angels one minute and screaming lunatics the next. While we are walking up the block to the restaurant Erin is perfectly calm in her stroller. As soon as we sit down - well she starts crying. Joe took over the first 14/ of dinner and me the rest. I had to take her out of the stroller - hold her - only on the left side - while I ate.
It was a lovely dinner - i got most of it to take home. But at one point I couldn't help but stare at her big toe! For such a little cutie she's got a big toe! It's adorable.
Lesson learned - kids keep you on your toes.
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