Friday, July 30, 2010

Day 84

Here's a new mom moment. I finished feeding Erin and she was in a good mood so I decided we should go for a walk. I found an outfit for her and myself rather quickly. And I looked decent for getting ready so quickly. I strapped her into the stroller and off we went. While I'm standing in the elevator I look down at my shirt - I notice that the button isn't there and I get pissed off because it's one of my favorite shirts! I continue to inspect ruined shirt to see that the other button is missing - only to find out that I had put my shirt on inside out! I burst out laughing in the elevator (thankfully nobody was there)! I went back upstairs and fixed the situation.

So here's a gripe. I don't understand why everyone in Hollywood feels the need to adopt children from other countries. I think adopting a child is a wonderful act. But why does one have to go to another country for a child when we have plenty of children in this country. I was watching The View today and Alec Mapa was co-hosting. He and his husband adopted an African American child from somewhere in L.A. FINALLY! a celebrity who went outside their neighborhood and maybe a few towns over to adopt a child. I think adoption regardless of where the child comes from is wonderful because hopefully they will be getting a fabulous life with their new family. But the trend in Hollywood is to adopt from other countries and I just don't get it. I guess what bothers me is not that they are adopting from other countries but that these celebrities seem to do it because it's the "new trend". There are thousands of children in this country that need a good home. And there is my political commentary.

Lesson learned today - make sure i have my clothes on properly before leaving the house :)

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