Wednesday, August 11, 2010


This is what happens when your husband does what he loves.  He creates his own pasta sauce and what he calls a "Summer Salad".  It was delightful and sweet, and juicy.  Everything yummy bundled into one dish.
For the past several months (probably since February) when we learned that Joe might get laid off he's been trying to figure out what to do with his life.  He has thought about going back to college (but to study what?).  And the one thing the one area that he has continually come back to is cooking school.  Ever since I met my delicious man he's always loved cooking.  His mom and him can stand in the kitchen for several minutes discussing what ingredients should be included in a marinade.  They stand over a pot of stew or tomato sauce discussing if it needs more of this or that.  He has expanded my palate.  Chicken breast used to be plain and dry in my house but now it's juicy and delicious!
And now we have a plan (well hopefully).  Joe will be laid off mid-September and if all goes well he will be going to cooking school in the fall.  A few things have held him back of pursuing his dream but I believe that he will be 10 million times happier going to cooking school and attempting to live the dream (as they say) versus just dreaming about the dream.
So here's to many wonderful dinners ahead and possibly a bigger waistline!!!!


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