Monday, April 2, 2012

DIY - Peg Board

I live in an apartment - and space to say the least is extremely limited!  So in my search for more DIY projects and remodeling what we can - I found pegboards to be extremely exciting!  One of the websites that was helpful in my search for inspiration was Apartment Therapy.   My husband, the professional chef of the house (no really he's professional - he went to school for it and all) agreed that we should "totally do it!".  And off to Home Depot we went!  There we got the peg board (2) for just over $6.00 each and the beautiful green paint for $7.00/gallon - because it was in the OOPS section!  How amazing is that?!  My brother helped my hubby put it up - and now we are able to create more cabinet space!  We are waiting for the hooks to arrive (we ordered from Amazon) and then we can arrange where the pots and pans will go.

 I think the green gives our extremely bland kitchen some beautiful color.  We are also going to put another board up over the oven.  However, in our quest our batty next door neighbor complained so we only did 1 today.

One more project to look forward to is turning our coat closet/crap closet into a "Mud Room"!  The fabric for the cushion arrived and here is what it looks like.  Stay tuned for that transformation!

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