Thursday, April 26, 2012

Our Chicklets

Tonight I have spent the better part of the evening making a run through cake for my daughter's 2nd birthday party.  The "theme" is Bubble Guppies - you know that really cute show on Nick Jr.  It's the show that makes her sing, dance, giggle and eat her breakfast, lunch & dinner!  So how could I not throw her a party with bubble guppies everywhere? My idea is to bake a chocolate cake in the shape of
Mr. Grouper (seen here).  Yes I think it's challenging and I might fall flat on my face!  But hopefully I will have some kind of picture to post tomorrow.  I think part of my whole obsession with her birthday is that I'm back to work and I have worker's guilt.  I want to be supermom - even though I know it's impossible.  And I think part of me wants to make an impression.
Well we shall see what happens tomorrow.  I made the buttercream frosting and it's the best frosting I have made to date - so at least that worked out!

OHHH the things we go through for our chicklets!

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