Saturday, April 14, 2012


I have always thought silhouettes were unique and elegant and wanted to get some of my daughters but figured they were too expensive.  One day I googled how to make your own silhouettes and found a great and easy tutorial at the Women Get Social with the SITS Girls
I took a profile picture of my girls - which can be challenging enough with two active ladies both under the age of two.  Actually my youngest was easier than my oldest - go figure.

I realized after I took the pictures that the girls were facing opposite directions so I just flipped my younger daughter's picture horizontally. I copied my pictures into Word and sized them down to 5 x 7.  My printer has been acting funny the last few weeks so the print quality was off.  Just make sure you can see the outline of your subject.  First I traced around their faces leaving room for error and then I trimmed it down to size. 

I turned the paper over and painted the back of the picture black.  Once they were dry I put two books on top of them to prevent curling.

The next day the family Morgan ventured to Ikea in Brooklyn - such an amazing store!  We hadn't been there in a few years so we had a ton of fun.  I found two cheap white frames for 5 x 7 photos.  My original plan was to get one large frame and have both pictures in the same frame - but each frame was $2.00 so I couldn't resist.  I can always get a larger frame at another time and use the smaller ones for other photos.
I inserted the picture into each frame and VOILA!  I have my very own silhouettes that were inexpensive to make.

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