Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I'm proud of myself today.  Guess what I did...I got up at 5:00 AM - yes I said AM - as in before the sun rises and went to the gym!  It's the first time I've been to the gym - in lets just say a very long time.  I'm no longer preggo and would like to be able to wear some kind of bathing suit this summer and feel pretty good about myself.  I think most women feel that way.  But how does one find the time?  I come home from work at about 4:30 ish and I want to spend time with the girls.  After they are in bed I want to spend time with my man (or be selfish and do things that I like to do).  So when do I possibly have the time go workout - only in the morning. 
It was so early I was worried I would be the only person there.  Luckily there were some hard core gym goers there.  One girl was on the treadmill (running mind you) when I got there and still running when I left.  Young girl - wonder what she does. 
I hope to keep this up every other day.  So cross your fingers for me. 

PS - This is SO not what I look like

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