Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cake Pops...Or something like that

Okay so I understand that cake pops are a somewhat new phenomenon...I guess I'm behind the times.  Anyway...I decided to try and make them.  So NOT EASY!  If you don't have the pan and don't have a lot of time they take forever (at least in my book)!

First I used boxed cake mix and frosting because I already had it in the house (otherwise I swear I would have done it from scratch!).  I made the cake, cooled & crumbled.  Many people will add frosting at this step but not me I added milk (i needed to save the frosting for the coating).  Then I let the whole mixture cool over night.  Today during breakfast and Bubble Guppies I rolled the cake into tiny balls - all about 1oz.  Then I melted some frosting and stuck the lollipop sticks in the frosting then into the balls.  I then stuck the balls in the freezer for about an hour.  Once the lollipop sticks were good and stuck in the balls (jeez so much talk about balls) I melted more chocolate and dipped away and put back in the freezer (i also added green sprinkles) to allow the chocolate to harden again.  However, once I stuck the balls in the fridge - the chocolate seemed to melt.  Well my daughter and husband both like the pops.  I thought they were fine but not amazing.  I hear Starbucks sells them (for like $2.00 a pop) - I'm going to have to try them to see what a real cake pop tastes like.  Any suggestions on how to do it better are more than welcome!  I saw so many different ways to make them that I can fudged the whole thing!

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