Friday, March 23, 2012

Project gone awry!

What happens when a project you have been thinking about for days goes awry?  You have what you think is all you need and nothing NOTHING is coming together!!!
Well that is happening to me.
I have been thinking about this bloody Easter egg wreath I have been wanting to make for a few days.  So my family trekked to the other side of town to visit the craft store.  I bought the wreath, bought the ribbon a few other things and get home.  I'm all excited to paint the eggs a multitdue of colors and fashion the ribbon around the bloody wreath.
Get home - didn't buy enough ribbon so only half the bloody wreath is covered.
The paint won't go on the eggs nicely so I'm just going to use the stupid plastic colorful eggs.
I'm trying to get the darn eggs to stick on the bloody wreath and it's a water park!  They are slippin and sliddin everywhere!!!!
The darn project looked so easy online!  But I'm going to stay on course and try to make this thing work!  Maybe a few beers will help...

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