Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wednesday News

It's been a big day in football and in the crafting world.  Today the New York Jets acquired Tim Tebow and several of the Saints coaches were suspended.  As for the crafting world well...I have discovered a whole world of craft ideas!

Tim Tebow Vs. Mark Sanchez: Who's the Hotter Jets Quarterback? | Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow
Who could resist a picture like this - regardless of your opinion on Tebow!
Today the Jets gave up a lot for a quarterback who everyone and by everyone I mean everyone says isn't a quarterback.  Last season yes he had some good plays but was it all him and his religious intervention or did some of the other players on the Broncos have something to do with it (say the defense)?  What will Tebow bring to the Jets besides some more Monday morning quarterbacking and possibly a few Tebow poses?  New York is way too cynical for a nice religious boy like him.  The media will eat him alive!  And what they hay were the Jets thinking today?  After the season ended there was a lot of dissent amongst the Jets players themselves - especially criticizing their own quarterback Mark Sanchez.  So what in the world do they hope to accomplish by landing an already dividing quarterback who everyone says isn't a quarterback?  This move won't make Mark Sanchez think that the franchise believes in him?  My opinion - they are pulling a Money Ball.  In the movie Money Ball Jonah Hill's character convinces Brad Pitt's character to sign washed up players however they are put in new positions on the field.  Perhaps this is what the Jets plan to do with Tebow - like how the McCain campaign kept Sarah Palin a secret (too bad she's still not a secret).

As for the Saints well they royally screwed up!  Roger Goodell says the found convincing evidence that the Saints were heavily involved in the bounty system.   The Saints head coach was suspended for the season WITHOUT PAY!  And the defensive coordinator was suspended indefinitely!  Roger Goodell is sending a message to the NFL - don't screw around!
As for crafting - well I have a whole host of new ideas!  When I was younger on spring or summer vacation while some of my friends were away at sleep away camp or traveling in Europe I was at home watching home improvement shows or the shows that were on before HGTV was HGTV.  I was obsessed and simply tickled to see how they could improve the look of such simple things as a pillow or add decorative accents to just about any room.  Somehow I lost that creative side - or I pushed it away (don't know why!).  But I'm excited!  The things I'm seeing people do are amazing and inspiring me to get up and do it!  Get a glue gun darn it!  Last week I bought those wooden $1.00 frames from Michael's.  So tonight I'm working on those and printing pictures for them.  Hopefully tomorrow I will get around to posting them.

Anybody have suggestions for an inexpensive Sewing Machine???

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