Sunday, March 25, 2012

DIY Completed!

Okay - so I'm the type of person that usually thinks of something fabulous to make or renovate but when it comes time to do it I never complete the project/get frustrated and give up/or never start the darn thing.  So I'm proud to show off 2 crafts (although small) that I completed.  The first were green frames for my bathroom and the second is an Easter egg wreath.

I bought the $1.00 wood frames from Michael's some green paint from the Martha Stewart Collection (oh so fancy) and that was it.   I mixed the green paint with some white paint that I already had on hand so that I could try to replicate the color already in my bathroom.  And fabulous!  My first DIY project completed!  I used some of my own photography to fill the frames.

And there you go - in my bathroom (sorry not my best photo).  

Easter Egg Wreath

This wreath was a bit more challenging than I expected.  I got the idea from another blogger called Tater Tots & Jello .  She used clear plastic Easter eggs and washi tape.  I had not a clue was washi tape was so I had to google it (I'm telling you - a whole crafting world out there!). 
Anyway...I couldn't find the clear Easter eggs and I couldn't find the washi tape so I figured I would buy the color plastic Easter eggs and paint them (so they wouldn't look so cheap).  I was so proud of myself I found the eggs at the goodwill store for $1.00 (a bargain for the other stores nearby).  I washed the Easter eggs before I did anything with them. 

 Alas...when I painted them they looked horrible!
My plan was to buy a Styrofoam wreath but the store didn't have any so I bought a wicker type of wreath.  I also bought some pink ribbon to wrap the wreath with.

However, I didn't buy enough pink ribbon (my math skills are not the best) so I had to go out AGAIN and buy more ribbon (of course a different color).  I also did not have a hot glue gun I had some other type of glue (very good) that takes forever and a day to dry (hence the glass of water holding the egg in place).

Although many bumps in my road to completing this Easter wreath - I'm proud to say it's is DONE!

And I'm quite satisfied with it.

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