Monday, December 13, 2010

Working Moms!

Everybody knows that being an outside the home working mom is hard.  But it's HARD!  Lets start with the nights when you're little one doesn't want to sleep so you're up throughout the night.  Your sister-in-law is sleeping in the living room, your husband wants to bring the baby to bed so she will fall asleep faster, I'm worried that one of us will roll over on her and that she will only want to sleep with us and not learn to fall asleep on her own!  Let's not mention the guilt!  The guilt I feel leaving the house - especially when she is still asleep when I leave.  Then I'm at work missing all the little laughs & giggles & hugs and good times.  And then I'm home...and it's run around the clock until her bed time! 
And then it's all the wifey obligations!  And you're running on empty (how does that song go again?)
But that's what happens when you live in an expensive city, your hubby is unemployed going to school and you're the only source of income!
But the reward is when I come home, my dog jumps all over me and my little girl smiles & giggles with delight as I walk through the door!
Kids really do take over your life but in the absolute best way possible.  It's a balancing act between work, husband, friends, your own hobbies, SLEEP and having time with your kids.  I wouldn't trade it for the world!
Happy Holidays Everyone!

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