Monday, December 13, 2010

I Heart Faces

The I Heart Faces competition this week is all about pets!!!  I had 1 dog when I was growing up, Rex.  He was truly special - so special in fact that my husband started to like dogs again.  So about 3 years ago me and my husband got our very own puppy!  His name is Buddy - and he is crazy (I actually think he has ADD).  He bounces around the place and thinks he is a tough dude.  He is only about 30 pounds but barks at every HUGE dog he sees.  But he is so gentle with my daughter and just loves to kiss her!  So here's to the pets in our life.  The ones that can brighten any day!


  1. very cute! he looks like he's taking this shot very seriously.

  2. He looks like he really wishes you would not take that picture. ;-) Too cute!