Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's Nearly Vacation!

This week has been dragging.  It's the last week of school before vacation and all week long I keep thinking that we are one day ahead.  Today I thought it was Friday so when I got home I figured ohhh tomorrow is Saturday - NOT!  So after a LONG day at work where I was just in an awful mood I was happy to come home to my holiday return address labels!  Because now I can finally send out my Christmas cards!  It's my first Christmas sending a picture card - because now we have Erin! 
Then there's the other part of the holidays - the food!  I decided to make Irish soda bread for some of my co-workers.  And then it just expanded.  So before the night is over I will have made 7 loaves for people at work.  Count em 7 - but they are delicious!  It's a recipe from my grandma, to my mom to me :) 

I am also busy checking out other people's websites on I Heart Faces.  There are some amazing photographers out there.  If anybody has a professional website out there can you suggest your host?  Especially if it's a free one?  It would be of a great help!  I think I just need to jump into this - head first.  Maybe do some shoots for free to build up a base and get some recommendations (that is if I'm any good!).

And here are some pictures of my little monkey from tonight!

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