Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Welcome Back (To me!)

Dear Blogging World,

I've been missing for quite awhile.  And it's not even because anything exciting has been happening.  As you know my hubby was laid off, he started cooking school, my sister-in-law moved in and I guess I just got overwhelmed with everything.
I would come home from work and the house would be a mess (why I don't know - neither of them are working).  So when I got home and they went off to school I had to clean and take care of Erizzle and feed myself and make dinner for my sister-in-law and it was driving me crazy!  Why two grown-ups couldn't wash a few dishes during the day was beyond me!  So my husband and I were constantly fighting.  He didn't understand why I was so upset - especially since he had to get back into the routine of going to school at night.  Which I understand since he hasn't been in school for about 10 years.  But what drove me nutzzzzoooo was when other people (mainly my dad, his mom and my mom) would make comments about our mess house to me.  Well why don't you say something to my hubby - since he's the one home all day!
To say the very least the past few months/weeks whatever have been hectic & draining!  But then I look around at people that are in a far worse position than me and I wonder - what the hell are you complaining about girl!?  So I'm back to photography!
My birthday (the big 29) was Saturday, November 6th - to say it was eventual is umm...well it was forgettable to say the very least!  I had a bridal shower on Saturday, Friday night I was too tired to go out and was in bed by like 10:30 and Sunday was the ING NYC Marathon and my brother ran.  So anyway - I got myself my first Digital SLR camera!  I'm so incredibly thrilled!!  I have been camera happy ever since.  Now I'm stalking any and all photography blogs to try and learn some tips.  For my b-day present I requested photoshop so I hope I get it :)
Anyway this is one of my new photos.  It's Central Park looking towards the West Side.  I've been thinking about the kind of photographs I would like to take and I think it's families.  Children & parents and animals.
If anyone has any advice about photography please send my way!
Something I have realized about myself is that I never had a passion towards a particular career.  But when Erin came along i realized what my passion was, my family.  Experiencing life with them.  Because who is going to take care of me when I fall?  Not my career but my family.  It's a great feeling to have come to that realization.

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