Monday, January 3, 2011

The Bachelor
Tonight was the big premier of Season 15 of The Bachelor.  I watched tonight - I'm not a fan of the show.  I don't really think you can find love among 25 women in a matter of a few weeks.  I'm not saying it CAN'T happen I'm saying it doesn't happen very often.  So I watched tonight because I know one of the bachelorettes.  I don't know her well but I know her (she's very sweet and just as pretty in real life as on the show).  In any case the Bachelor this season is Brad Womack who at the end of his season dumped both girls because he said he couldn't honestly commit to either of them.  Now the first girl gets out of the limo tonight and slaps him "that's from every woman in America" she says.  I'm sorry I don't care that he dumped both girls at the end of his season!  Isn't it better he dumped them at that point than get into a relationship with one of them and dumps them further down the line when she has invested more of herself into him? 
ABC also did a nice job of digging into Brad's past.  They brought back both girls that he dumped.  One of them was DeAnna Pappas who went onto become The Bachelorette.  Now she looked pissed (mind you it's been 3 or 4 years since Brad's first stint as the Bachelor).  But let me say this about Ms. DeAnna - she isn't as innocent as some of you may think!  She allowed 1 of her bachelors to propose to her and accepted but then broke off the engagment because she loved him but wasn't in love with him.  I guess it's a question of would you rather have loved & lost or never have loved at all - all on NATIONAL TV! 
The part of the show that is kinda the funniest but sorta sad is when the girls who do not get passed the first rose ceremony start crying during their good-bye interview.  I'm sure they are crying not because they have fallen for the guy in a matter of 10 minutes but because they had to give things up at home and had put a lot of hope in the process.  It's just funny (sorry ladies).   The show is pretty ridiculous but like an reality show provides a hell of a lot of entertainment!
Here's to a new season of the Bachelor!

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